Back, and with better technology

Finally have a better way to be able to blog,do homework,read and play flappy bird on! I received a somewhat present from the parentals, the new nexus tabkeg from Google. Compare to my Dell windows 8 laptop this is like a god. So you guys will be hearing more life stories frequently.

So a lot has happened in my life. I landed a new job working for Pride. It was going to be great I would be able to run a store all on my own with a set schedule of 30 hours a week. It was supposed to be perfect. After I signed my life away to the company they told me to put in my two weeks at my at my current job (Shoe Departmemt ) the next time I worked because I would start training as soon as I was done. The next day I had to work so I did what I was told , put in the two weeks. Which was awkward enough as it is because I had just recently gotten this job AND my current boss at shoe department used to work for pride… Now I already don’t like my manager as is. I find him to be cocky and really racist. Especially for the city we work in you can not be. Let’s just say we are the minority compared to Africans. He also has this problem where he thinks he’s funny. If you don’t laugh at his jokes or agree with him he calls you off for slacking and makes you go back to straightening boxes, yes that’s what I do all day. So when I told my manager I was leaving there to go to pride he tried really hard to scare me of some people that worked for pride. Thank you. But I think I can handle myself. 

The next day Pride called me. The woman that hired me was on the phone and she told me they gave my Position away.. I hun up the phone and all I wanted to do was cry. I LOVE TO WORK. I love making my own money and when I don’t feel stable in my life I get somewhat depressed. Not meaning to sound overvdramatic . Already having to deal with a awkward leaving speech the next day I had to go ask for my job that luckily went better then I had anticipated. So the lesson this week was to make sure the new job you think you have, make sure you actually have it! 


Welcome to my crazy,unexplained,shit show of a life

I never really thought about trying a blog until I saw that god awful (but some what addicting) new show called Rich Kids Of Beverly Hills. Morgan Stewart has her own bog called Boobs and Loubs, neat title I thought. As I watched the show more I realized if this 25 year old women can write a blog of how she enjoys tanning everyday I can make one and explain my 18 year old life as a working women who wishes she was 21

So here I give it to you. This blog is to explain and show my life as a senior in high school who works more then she should to try to make a living for herself. I don’t expect to know what to write about sometimes or how I can help people in anyway by explaining situations in my life, but maybe you can learn from some of my mistakes I have made and what lessons I took from them. 

Okay lets start by me explaining why I named my blog 18 Is The New 21…

It took me a good half an hour to think of a title that I thought was creative. It took me a while then I had to remember this blog was all about me. 




I had to do some real critical thinking on myself and see what would describe me. Then I remembered that I just ordered a fake id for myself…
No I am not a alcoholic.. Yes I am over high school parties and ready to take on bars and night clubs. I am not even in for the drinking part of it but for the social part of it. Being in your 20’s is supposed to be the best times of your life. And I’m ready to be living in my better times. There is only so much you can do being 18, so the fake is my ticket to explore a more mature, fun, thrilling world. And I just want to meet as many people as I can and see as many places as I can.
Consider it this… Every person you meet is technically a “connection”. They might have nothing to offer you now but you might need this connection in the future to meet other connections! For example a job opportunity, internship opportunity or maybe the chance to meet a celebrity? (Still waiting for this moment) especially now more then ever we will in a social world. With social networks at our fingertips and almost everything is online now it’s hard to see the bigger picture. This is mostly directed at kids my age. Just because you think you can do everything behind a screen now doesn’t mean it’s always going to be like that. When you apply for jobs, internships, school.. Just about anything you are going to need to represent yourself in person. You need to prove to this person that you are different, unique and have a special factor about you that makes you different from anyone else. A lot of kids lake in this area. Yeah you may be confident and cool in front of your friends but if you can’t act professional when you need to in front of a stranger that’s where you need to find your social skills to be able to talk to ANYONE!
I must say this area is my strength. I am not afraid to talk to anyone. Growing up I would always get dared to ask the random guys in the mall for their number because my friends thought they were attractive. It wasn’t until high school when my mom told me that it’s almost like a talent to have that kind of personality. She told me, “it will get you far educational, emotionally and for future jobs.” She gave me even more confidence to be spunky and never have fears of making a idiot of yourself.
So the lesson for today is to LEARN TO BE SOCIAL. you never know what opportunity you missed out on because you are still acting like you are in middle school.