Back, and with better technology

Finally have a better way to be able to blog,do homework,read and play flappy bird on! I received a somewhat present from the parentals, the new nexus tabkeg from Google. Compare to my Dell windows 8 laptop this is like a god. So you guys will be hearing more life stories frequently.

So a lot has happened in my life. I landed a new job working for Pride. It was going to be great I would be able to run a store all on my own with a set schedule of 30 hours a week. It was supposed to be perfect. After I signed my life away to the company they told me to put in my two weeks at my at my current job (Shoe Departmemt ) the next time I worked because I would start training as soon as I was done. The next day I had to work so I did what I was told , put in the two weeks. Which was awkward enough as it is because I had just recently gotten this job AND my current boss at shoe department used to work for pride… Now I already don’t like my manager as is. I find him to be cocky and really racist. Especially for the city we work in you can not be. Let’s just say we are the minority compared to Africans. He also has this problem where he thinks he’s funny. If you don’t laugh at his jokes or agree with him he calls you off for slacking and makes you go back to straightening boxes, yes that’s what I do all day. So when I told my manager I was leaving there to go to pride he tried really hard to scare me of some people that worked for pride. Thank you. But I think I can handle myself. 

The next day Pride called me. The woman that hired me was on the phone and she told me they gave my Position away.. I hun up the phone and all I wanted to do was cry. I LOVE TO WORK. I love making my own money and when I don’t feel stable in my life I get somewhat depressed. Not meaning to sound overvdramatic . Already having to deal with a awkward leaving speech the next day I had to go ask for my job that luckily went better then I had anticipated. So the lesson this week was to make sure the new job you think you have, make sure you actually have it!